The term Bucket List has become so cliché that I cringe when I hear it spoken aloud. If someone tells me they have one, I wait for them to say it includes running a marathon (blah), skydiving (blah), and achieving their ideal weight (BLAH!). Not that these aren’t legitimate goals for some people, but EVERYONE?! I think not. Where is our originality? True to the 21st century, there is no shortage of online suggestions, blogs (ahem), and even waiting to help us create our own highly personalized Bucket Lists to fulfill all of our dreams based on thousands of their suggestions (dripping with sarcasm). Where is our introspection? Think about it.

As we were strolling around Payette Lake one crisp fall afternoon a few weeks ago, I spotted the Before I Die board. It was like a slap in the face. I thought What is this? Who put this here? As my girls were playing in the sand and my husband was skipping rocks in the lake, death was the last thing on my mind. I was grateful to be enjoying a short vacation in McCall, but I was not contemplating my ever shortening life and what I wanted from it before it was over. I have however thought about it a lot in the short weeks since and I want to know: What do you really want to do before you die? If you are being painfully honest with yourself and you aren’t obligated to share your list with anyone: What are your biggest dreams? I doubt they are to run a marathon simply for the sake of saying you did it or skydiving simply to be falling through the air. What do you hope to gain from these experiences? Shouldn’t we be gaining something valuable or life changing from our experiences and not just checking things off of a list?

Before I die I want to…

…run until I feel like I’m flying.

…improve my relationship with my mom.

…see how many people I can have heartfelt conversations with.

…stop worrying about what other people think.

…learn to live without fear.

…become a better listener.

…find my true voice and express it honestly.

…fall in love with myself.

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