[6 days. Another summit and 5.33 miles mostly in the dark with my super reflector vest on.] September 8, 2015

It was back in September 2014 that I decided (with the help of Gretchen Rubin) to wake up early and workout while my family slept. She suggested that if you hate doing something you should do it every day. Counterintuitive yet brilliant. Before reading that, I had been waking up early just once a week to go to a spin class at 6 am on Monday mornings. It suddenly made sense to me that I should be adjusting my schedule permanently instead of just muscling through that one early morning and paying for it for 2 days afterward. If I got enough sleep every night, I rationalized that I could do it every morning. I was right!

Getting up works incredibly well in the summer when the sun is up early and the temps are too hot by midmorning. By September though, I was rising well before the sun which called for a headlamp and reflector vest, not to mention additional layers for warmth. The darkness, however, adds a sense of adventure that I have grown to love. The idea that this time and space are mine alone is intoxicating. I actually picture myself a lot like the video linked below – just me lighting up the dark with the backup singers in my mind. Ha!

Electric Love by BORNS

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  1. I like the idea of doing something you hate everyday. The part of working out that I hate is getting on all the appropriate clothes and/or gear, etc. Don’t know why, but I HATE it. Maybe if I try to embrace doing the thing I hate, it will get easier?


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