[Game day. Was in great spirits all day thanks to all of you! I couldn’t have been uplifted by a more loving thoughtful bunch. @stlukeshealth is staffed by such delightful talented people. I felt like a VIP from start to finish. The only downside was this gown.] September 14, 2015

I have this wonderful neighbor on the other side of the alley. He is a retired high school special ed teacher and he has had at least 4 hernia surgeries in less than as many years. (They’re just not holding for some reason.) We meet in the alley when we see each other pulling into our garages or pulling out the garbage cans. We were talking about our health escapades one day and he said After all that we’ve been through with surgeries and treatments, don’t you think that the worst part was getting the initial diagnosis?! 

Yes! I said. You’re absolutely right!

Surgery eve, I went to sleep EXHAUSTED – just as I had worked so hard to be. I thought for sure that the anxiety would hit me like a ton of bricks in the morning. I had had a couple of small surgeries before and the anxiety was always there resulting in tears at the hospital. What I found this time was that I was giddy. I was making jokes and talking to everyone I met. There was even an unfortunate event involving a bedpan and a good-looking male nurse and I had everyone laughing about it. I was a regular comedian! I finally realized while I was talking to a nurse in pre-op, that I wasn’t worried because no one was going to tell me anything bad on that day. My neighbor was right. Surgery day was going to be nothing compared to diagnosis day!

Luckily, a lumpectomy is an outpatient surgery. It was a long day, but I was home and in my own bed by the time I made this post. Will thought the photo was horrible because the gown was open in the middle. I, of course, thought it was hilarious after the wonderful day I had had.

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