[I got the call but it’s not that simple. Not the best case scenario but not the worst. More tests, more waiting, more surgery.] September 17, 2015

3 days of waiting was enough for me to almost develop an ulcer. ALMOST. The call came and it wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped. There was still no relief.

The first news was that there weren’t clear margins all the way around the tumor. Fantastic. So Dr. S needed to go back in and remove either another little chunk or the rest of the remaining breast (which, let me tell you, was not a lot).

The other news was that 2 of the lymph nodes were negative, but the third one was “technically negative”. This meant there were random cancer cells detected but only because of new highly-sensitive processing. Dr. S said he was going to send the tumor out for Oncotype DX testing. This would tell us more about the biology of the tumor – the important stuff like how aggressive it was. He tried to reassure me that this was good news and that the chances of me needing chemotherapy were very low, but all I could hear was BUT…

…you should meet with a medical oncologist just in case.

…you should meet with a radiation oncologist if you think you want to save the breast.

Save the breast?!

Good thing there were 2 little faces constantly reminding me of why it was all worth it.


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