[1 week post-op. 5 miles. One of the best medical oncologists in town is meeting with me on Wed because my husband is a rockstar.] September 21, 2015

I heal quickly, so I ran. I held my left boob wrapped in a bandage on the downhill. I took it easy but it felt terrific!

I have always envied those with privileges and connections, who wouldn’t? Well, now it was my turn. My husband sat on the Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) Research Board so he knew the Director of Research. You see, my husband is handsome and brilliant. Those are the facts. Will had solicited advice about my situation and although he rarely takes on patients, Dr. M offered to see me. Will really respects Dr. M and I trust Will’s opinion wholeheartedly. Good thing I’m a rockstar scientist groupie.

These were 2 HUGE boosts in confidence for me.

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