[Sorry for the silence but I’ve been living in the shadows because of this sore throat. It’s the worst ever in 40 years and it’s just not fair. I have built the best team of doctors but we still need more info to move forward. Hopefully those answers will be coming in this week. I hate to speculate before then.] September 27, 2015

All of the speculation about my tumor and my treatment didn’t bring me any peace. In the end, it turned out to be veiling crushing realities. Optimism and hope can only get you so far without real information.

To top it off, I was dealing with an off-the-charts sore throat. It was not only painful, it was scaring me. I went to urgent care and the PA couldn’t see anything. The STREP test also came back negative. It didn’t make sense so I took some Norco leftover from my surgery. I think the pain killers helped me sleep but it certainly didn’t relieve the problem. I even started heaving up bile. I could hardly swallow and I was maxing out on ibuprofen just to get by. I thought about the emergency room more than once.

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