[After a few bad days I am on the upswing. Thank you to the wonderful friends who held me, cried with me, and fed me and the girls like we were stray kittens. After 2 weeks off I went for a short run this morning. Felt like I had a hitch in my giddy up but I was out there in the dark only able to see a few feet ahead. 2 weeks until my next surgery and I’m going to enjoy every minute.] October 5, 2015

Deja vu. For sure.

Another 2-week countdown and another surgery to focus on.

My situation had gotten more complicated, but I realized I didn’t have to focus on the whole thing at once. (Thank you, therapy.) I really just needed to focus on the here and now. That meant feeling my strongest moving forward.

p.s. Let’s not leave the sense of humor behind. Ok?

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