[I’m still standing. And as predicted, I slept about 4 hours last night even with drug assistance. And that wasn’t even continuous! Now I’m reading in Will’s office.] November 13, 2015

I now had 3 different anti-nausea drugs in my possession. I was told to take the first one if I started to feel nauseous. If that didn’t work within 15 minutes, I was told to take the next one. Another 15 minutes, the third one. Nausea has to be the #1 imagined hypochondriatic symptom EVER. Crap. I was asking myself constantly if I was nauseous or not. And when you are expecting to be nauseous, you will make yourself believe that you are! So, I took a couple of pills over the first couple of days but who knows if it would’ve turned into anything serious. I say this because I never took another pill for rounds 2-6. Hmm.

Since I was knee-deep in my paranoia and not even 24 hours into my first round, I went to work with Will. Ha. The girls were both at school so we figured I could just read in his office while he had some meetings. ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE is one of those epic tales that covers decades and hops back and forth between 2 people’s lives until they finally converge. I had just started it and I LOVED IT. The cool thing about this novel is that the author lives in Boise and it had just won a Pulitzer Prize. Local pride at its best.

I was also paranoid about crashing into a drug-induced stupor. I figured it was inevitable once the steroids stopped zipping around my system. At least sleep would finally be mine.

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  1. I love that book. it was sent to me by a friend for me to read while I was recovering from surgery. Made me forget for a bit.


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