[9 hours of sleep felt so good and now a little horseback riding with a good friend.] November 14, 2015

Lucky for me, we adopted our third Great Dane last April. These last seven months would have been a lot different for me without him. I hate to even think about it. (We adopted our first Dane a month and a half after my dad died and he was a life saver, but that’s an epic tale for another time.) We only ever have one Dane at a time, but we have had a couple of periods of time without any (and that was bad). I love to have a dog waiting for me when I come home. I love stroking a furry belly while I’m lying in bed reading. And I LOVE looking into those deep brown eyes when they look up at me. They calm my nerves and make me grateful every day for their sweet loyalty and love. I think it’s important to know what relaxes you and I’ll take a dog over yoga any day.

And while I have been known to roll my eyes at Great Dane horse jokes, there really is something very similar about them. Their profiles can be similar while their sizes are different, but what strikes me is the way they both look to us for comfort and affection. I have met a lot of Danes now and most of them walked calmly up to me and either tried to sit in my lap or put their faces right next to mine. Isn’t that how you’d hug if you didn’t have arms? It’s pure heaven.

I know there are some people who don’t feel any connection to animals and for the record, I don’t trust those people! My friend, Marie-Anne, however, is an all-around animal lover. I knew that she would be at the horse farm on this Saturday morning in mid-November as she usually is, so I called her up and asked if we could come out. It was refreshing and calming to be led around on her horse in the sunshine. It made my heart SMILE and that’s what I needed with so much uncertainty swirling around my mind and body.

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