[My barber trimmed me up.] November 26, 2015

I was awaiting and dreading the loss of my faux hawk. I had come to love it so much. It represented the new freedom cancer had given me. Yes, FREEDOM.

I will be forever THANKFUL.

Alas, the hair on my head started coming out in small clumps on Thanksgiving morning. Will and I thought we should play around with it before it was too late. So he trimmed the sides shorter and we both liked it a lot better. Now I knew exactly what I had to look forward to on the other end when my hair grew back.

I was thankful on this day for my husband – the love of my life, my girls – the miracles my body had produced and nurtured, my dog – the one who showed up just in the nick of time, for the friends who had invited us over to share this Thanksgiving with them, and for the simple fact that I had survived 2 surgeries and 1 round of chemo.

I was living the most authentic life I had ever lived and I was GRATEFUL and PROUD.

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