[Chemo cape on my head. Anita Baker in my ears. All The Light We Cannot See in my lap. Hubby by my side. Round 2 going smoothly. 85% dose so hopefully less side effects this time. Everyone at MSTI is amazed at what I endured. My heart is smiling today. Thank you friends for your unrelenting love and support. It carries me and I soar!] December 2, 2015

I hadn’t seen Dr. M since Round 1 and had no idea how chemo dosing worked. He explained to me that it was a straight formula and hence kind of a crap shoot for the first dose. He adjusted me down to an 85% dose since my white cell counts had gotten so low and I had suffered so many side effects. I didn’t realize exactly how good this would be. SO GOOD.

Round 2 would be my best round – my first infusion in MSTI’s infusion room (remember THIS?!), a terrific IV placement, milder side effects, less fatigue, higher cell counts, no shingles, and my sister came to visit!

The other good news is that once you decrease the dose, you never increase it again. {HUGE sigh of relief}

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