[I was sitting at home feeling badly about my bald head until I remembered #4boysstrong and Kieran’s beautiful bald head. Then BOOM I got dressed and ran 5.3 miles in 23 degrees.] November 28, 2015

I was hesitant to go outside for numerous reasons. As usual, we were enveloped in a serious cold snap in November and were treated to a white Thanksgiving. That combined with the laziness of the holidays would be enough to keep me in any other year, but add a dose of chemo and I was feeling horribly lethargic. I hadn’t been running or biking since THIS and I was sitting around thinking too much about my newly bald head. I hated it.

I find that when I get stuck in bad feelings and my head is spinning around in circles, I really need to get out. I need to think about something outside of myself and I need fresh air. So I thought about my friend’s nephew and his parallel journey with mine. He had lost his hair too and it was adorable. How could I feel sorry for myself and my vanity when this little boy was dealing so well?? So with Will’s encouragement, I got bundled up in double layers of running clothes and hit the trails. I was worried about how my body would react but it knew just what to do. I missed having music piped right into my brain and the feeling of my heart pumping. It shuts my mind up!

#wegottasticktogether #blazingtrailsinthecold #takethehairleavetheheart #kestrelismyeverest


[5 miles. This is the real view. I had to fake the last one in my backyard because my phone died on my run.] November 30, 2015

And again 2 days later. INVIGORATING.

#blazingtrailsinthecold #ofcourseiwearahat #readyforround2 #4monthsforanother40years