[I took the girls to see this terrific movie about a little boy and his faithful black and white dog. He struggled with insecurity and discouragement to find his true spirit in the end. For some reason I really identified with him. Hmm.] December 31, 2015

Who knew I would have a spiritual awakening during The Peanuts Movie???


It was SO MANY THINGS. The baldness. The relationship with his dog. The clumsiness. The hesitation. The dreams. THE TRIUMPH.

For months I had been waiting for – what I considered – my usual pessimism and negativity to come back to stay, but it hadn’t. Every time I had a little downswing, I came right back up.




Will said it was my true spirit coming out.

I had had certain reactions for so long that I thought that was who I really was. It turns out that those reactions and habits were just covering up my true self. Just like Charlie Brown’s true intentions were always covered up by klutzy mishaps.

It takes a certain kind of bravery and self-forgiveness to come back from embarrassment and ridicule.

Dream big, Charlie. For those who are honest and true are the triumphant ones in the end.


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