[On the other side! I’ve been awake since 2:30, out of bed since 4, 5 miles at the gym by 7, PICC line placed by 8:45, laughing with Dr M by 11:30, infusion done by 3:30. Now I’m POOPED. Too bad I just took another dose of steroids 😳] January 13, 2016

This was an epic day. Steroids boost me up in this silent, seductive way that I don’t even realize for a couple of hours. Then I look back on everything I did and realize it was all thanks to the ‘roids.

With each round of chemo I would take steroids for 3 days starting the day before the infusion. They help to minimize side effects of the drugs. The morning dose was always fine because who couldn’t use a little help in the morning? The evening dose however was a real bitch. Even with the help of an Ativan, I would only sleep about 4 hours.

I used these sleepless nights to my advantage for as long as I could. I did all of my Christmas shopping online during Round 2 and I ran during the wee hours of Rounds 3+4.

Unfortunately, the super human effects of the steroids were about to run out. I would crash hard from this infusion over the weekend and never quite get my mojo back in the same way. I was warned about the cumulative effect of chemo, but I was in for a really rude awakening.

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