[It was a long, tough weekend but I’m standing strong (and scootering all over the North End – watch out!). Maybe it’s because I feel bionic with my new PICC line. Round 4 got me my 8%. 5 & 6 will just be bonus.] January 19, 2016

This PICC line was the solution to all of the terrible phlebitis I suffered through the first 3 rounds of IV drugs shot straight into my arms. It was quick and painless to place but it did mean getting to the hospital early and lying in an OR for about 15 minutes. I was prepped by some terrific techs and numbed up with lidocaine. Then a radiologist fed the line into my arm and down into a beefy vein in my chest while watching on an x-ray monitor. They said it was like going from a vein the size of a straw to a vein the size of my thumb.


So thanks to this line, the logistics of my infusion were a piece of cake. But boy did it knock me on my ass a couple of days later! I was discouraged by Sunday night when I wasn’t feeling better. Usually I would turn the corner on Sunday and feel better before I went to bed. The thought keeping me going was that I had made it to my 8%. That was a HUGE reduction from my 25% chance of recurrence. (Remember THIS?)

Now as far as Rounds 5 and 6 being BONUS: Dr. M is the Director of Research for MSTI so he’s a numbers guy. He told me from the beginning that there was lots of data from breast cancer trials for 4 rounds of chemo. However, there is a trial going on that may suggest that 6 rounds is even better. The problem is they don’t have statistically significant data yet. He said if I was mentally, emotionally, and physically DONE after 4 rounds, he would be satisfied. But, if I wanted to do 2 bonus rounds, there wouldn’t be any more long lasting side effects, meaning everything should clear up after chemo was finished.


I committed myself to all 6 rounds before chemo ever started. I figured this was the kind of decision that needed to be made rationally when I was feeling good and thinking clearly. I knew that once things got going and I was feeling crappy, I could very well make a different decision based on my feelings at the time. No good.

My real reasoning for going through all 6 rounds was that I didn’t want to have any regrets. If I was unlucky enough for the cancer to come back in the form of Stage 4 metastases, I HAD TO KNOW that I did everything I could. Because that would be the beginning of the end of my health FOREVER.

No take backs.

No do-overs.


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But for now, it was time to take my new scooter out!