[92 miles SPUN and DONE. Reluctantly going in for Round 5. Needed a neck tat to keep me motivated.] February 3, 2016

Things were going downhill. Downhill fast. I was FIGHTING LIKE HELL but my physical demise seemed inevitable.

Since my 4th infusion, I had crashed HARD, given up running, and I wasn’t bouncing back to my pre-infusion levels like I had through the first 3 rounds.


And with my body getting pulled down, I worried about my spirit getting pulled down too.

I tried to bolster myself by gathering up miles on the spin bike, but my heart wasn’t really in it. So I pulled out the Tattly tattoos that Will had brought home from a coworker. The woman on the package was wearing all 4 designs and one of them was on her neck. Ok, then.

Here comes the funny part:

People thought that shit was REAL.


I stayed home for a couple of days after the infusion so when I showed back up to the schoolyard the tat had long since washed off. Friends were coming up to me and sighing in relief at the sight of my bare neck. I HAD NO IDEA. One woman said she was wondering how long it would take me to regret it. Another said she had to text another to see if she thought it was real too!

What started out as a hail mary pass in the 4th quarter turned into a classic moment that still makes me laugh!

#joiedevivre #strong #notfeelingit

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    1. I found a photo of one just within the hairline on the back of the neck. Kinda cool because you can choose to show it by shaving your hair short or cover it whenever you want. I NEVER thought I would even consider getting a tat!


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