[3 purple toenails and my running days just might be over. Every step is uncomfortable but sitting on that spin bike this morning was b.o.r.i.n.g. 15 miles SPUN and DONE. Good thing I ran into Rachel again.] January 25, 2016

It may not look like much, but my nails were KILLING ME. SOFTLY and slowly since Round 1. Even cut short, they were bruised and tender underneath.

The decision to give up running was a difficult one since running had been something that had given me so much strength in the face of treatment. I was scared to go forward without it.

Despite this setback, I figured I was going to go down swinging. I started spinning because with the pedals under the balls of my feet, my toes were spared a lot of pressure. It worked out brilliantly. For a little while anyway.

#motivationisamust #schoolinthosecollegekids #betterthaniwasat21 #forsure

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