[When you don’t feel very good and your dog is 3x your size.] February 29, 2016

Good thing I had an extra week to rest because the girls had their own plans.

Dylan stayed home sick and laid on her dog all day watching videos.

#homesick #shecouldbebluffing #myD #noordinarydanes

And Taylor wanted to do this…


[…and then this little girl wanted to get her hair cut like her big sister 😍] March 1, 2016

#thecoolestlittlegirlismine #myT #tomboysunite #hairmasters #20gr8

Remember when Dylan did THIS? So cute.

Who knew that the entire family getting short haircuts would be so liberating?! It has been one of the best things EVER! I haven’t cleaned out a shower drain in months. Oh yeah.


One thought on “Rest

  1. I still smile every time I see those girls with their short hair. You’re all rocking the look!


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