[There seemed to us no more fitting way to thank all of our friends for their support than to throw a BIGASS party! These are just a few snapshots from the 150+ guests that came to celebrate with us. Will’s worst fear is coming true – he’s never getting me to leave Boise now!] April 15, 2016

Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to take a big trip when chemo was over. Do something EPIC. I’m really a homebody at heart. So one day as I was driving around town bopping to some beats (THIS I think), I realized exactly what I wanted to do – I wanted to dance with my friends and I wanted to control ALL OF THE MUSIC.

I asked Will and he said he was thinking the exact same thing.

Party ON.


Diane & Dan.JPG



T star.JPG

KindigsMac Patrick TrevorReese DylanTenneal Jenny VanessaReza Moeen Me WillMe MontgomerysGordon Amy EltonKevin LundgrensCelita CarlMegan Girls JennyKings KevinBill JohnsDan Rick JohnNashLucy Dylan Reese Maggie

…and another Coldplay song: Adventure of a Lifetime.


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