I lived in big cities until I got married and I never felt that connected to the places where I ate and shopped. In Boise, however, I love nothing more than walking somewhere from my house and greeting the owner by name and a Good to see you! It makes me feel so connected to this community that I love. I am invested with my whole heart.

So, here are a few wonderfully, uniquely (208) things I’ll be doing this Labor Day weekend:


Tomorrow morning before sunrise, I’m heading up Kestrel to Crestline to Sidewinder to make friends with #richardthemule, snap a couple of selfies, and have a cup of coffee at Café Mulé. I’ve ridden by Richard and his human sidekick before, but have never stopped! (I kinda want a t-shirt, too.)

I am hiking up with a new friend who hasn’t lived in Boise long. Last weekend she was asking me about what Boise is like in the fall and winter. (Um, fabulous!) To me the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is the start of fall festivities. We’ll have a great view from the top of the foothills! When I notice a look of awe come over her face, I’ll have to fill her in on Halloween – she unwittingly bought a house on Harrison. Ha!

Look what came in the mail yesterday…


Ah!! The designy side of me gets SO excited. Once I’m worn out from my hike, I’ll be flipping through this beauty and dog-earing as I go. Have you ever used Assembled in Boise? We used them for a bed and shelving order a few years back. Super nice guys and it seems they’ve expanded their business quite a bit since then. I’m so curious about their kitchen advice!


I like Saturdays just fine, but I love Sundays. (So much so, that I got married on a Sunday morning.)

I really want to check out Even Stevens for lunch. It seems like Boise is their first venture outside of Utah. Their cause seems like something I can really get behind! (Way better than this.)

I’m also really excited because we are taking the girls to their 1st Idaho Shakespeare Festival show. I just can’t get enough of this venue. It’s family night and the opening weekend of Forever Plaid. I thought a musical was a good choice to try and get them interested in theater instead of a bunch of where for art thou’s. I have a B.A. in English so I’m not hating. I’m just being a realistic mother of two young children.


With an extra day to relax, hopefully we’ll do just that. While I have some downtime, I am hoping to dedicate some thought to these local causes and issues:

This has been on my mind constantly. We were lucky enough to get to know this beautiful family this summer, including their son Ilai. If you’ve ever been to Janjou Patisserie, you probably saw him there. Please consider donating to Ilai’s Library. (They are trying to reach their goal by September 9th.) What a wonderful way to honor this little boy’s spirit.

I really want to spend some time reading Stronger Shines The Light Inside. It thrills me that our little white bread town is diversifying. I have seen so much change in the 8 years we have lived here. Let’s be good hosts and welcome those who are fortunate enough to make their way here!

I’m going to get my pompoms out to watch Mayor Bieter’s State of the City 2016. From what I’ve read already, my Boise pride is going to be bursting at the seams!

Whichever area code you call home, I hope you love it enough to invest in it with your spirit, your heart, and your money. In many ways, our local communities impact our lives much more than whoever wins the White House this fall.

– Diane