Thank you for the friendly reminders that we’re all facing our own struggles. We don’t need to compare ourselves, and just because you think someone else is going through something worse than you are going through, doesn’t mean your difficulties are not valid. WE ARE ALL VALID. You never have to say to me, “I’ve never had cancer BUT I am going through…” Rest assured, I am NOT trying to trump you with my cancer card. I appreciate every single admission of hard times and understanding.

These commiserating conversations have me thinking about misery loving company. It does! But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it encourages a sense of community that is so important when you are facing something upsetting. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I looked around at all of the friends and family who were trying to support me, but I felt very separated from them. I felt like I didn’t belong anymore. I was different. Then I found a few who said, “Psst. Over here! You belong with us now.” They opened up to me about what they had been through so I would know that I wasn’t alone. That sense of belonging is everything, and it led to this.

Now menopausal mamas of all ages have come out of the woodwork to say to me, “I know what you’re going through. Ugh. It can suck. But we can also laugh like hell at it – TOGETHER! And we can eat chocolate because chocolate is always a good idea.”

So, I’m going into the weekend with a new attitude. Thanks, ladies! Good thing, because there is a lot going on:


A friend lent me her autographed (!) copy of Love Warrior yesterday. I feel like everyone is talking about its release this week. I love the illustration on this opening page. FIERCE. It reminds me of this. Needless to say, I stayed up way past my bedtime reading last night. I may have to lock myself in the bathroom this weekend.

img_3007The Albertsons on Vista is proving its allegiance with this impressive soda display and I know a lot of people are super excited for the Broncos first home game of the season tomorrow night (against WSU), but I have to admit I’m way more excited about THIS.

Art in the Park opened this morning and it is one of our favorite events! The girls do fancy themselves artists, ya know, and we love supporting the Boise Art Museum. We’ll probably ride our bikes to Julia Davis Park just in time for lunch on Sunday. I am enthralled by all of the different artists and what the human spirit is capable of creating.


On a personal note, we’re throwing Taylor a 5th birthday party on Saturday. Is it just me or is the idea of hosting a birthday party totally overwhelming nowadays?! Bounce houses, play places, food, cakes, everything organic or not, allergies or not, allowing gifts or not, opening them during the party or not, favors, piñatas…AH! Back in my day, I got to pick out what my mom made for lunch for me and my friends and then we played pin the tail on the donkey in the basement. Done and done.

What are you doing this weekend?

– Diane