I used to have a very hard time transitioning: night to day, Sunday to Monday, season to season and everything in between. I would be downright distraught traveling back from a particularly fun weekend or saying goodbye to the holidays and welcoming a new year. And let’s not even discuss graduating from anything or moving my entire life from one state to another. Ugh. It would almost be too much for me.

But then I met Will and everything changed. Now transitioning isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was. I used to be so apprehensive about what was to come. I never trusted that I could roll with the punches, tackle the obstacles, or deal with the feelings. Of course there is comfort in having a hand to hold as you walk into the unknown and I think that comfort has allowed me to look ahead instead of living in the past. I can appreciate an experience for what it was, yet look forward to the next.


Last weekend, we caravanned with some good friends to Stanley, by way of Sun Valley, and had a truly two zero great experience – the kind of experience that would have left me in misery back in the day having to part ways on Sunday afternoon. This time, however, I smiled gratefully at my life and everything I got to experience.

We chose this particular weekend because it was the last of the season for the Stanley Baking Co. & Cafe (THE BEST breakfast and coffee around) and the Sawtooth Hotel (where we didn’t stay, but did enjoy a delicious dinner). They are both family-run, down-home places to enjoy a meal, meet people, and relax.


When we weren’t eating and drinking coffee, we were hiking around outside and lounging in the hot springs. It was a perfectly moody, stormy weekend – my favorite – but we had plenty of time without rain as well.

Our hike on Saturday morning was probably 4-5 miles roundtrip and featured stunning views of the freshly-powdered Sawtooth Mountains at the turnaround point. With four kids in tow, we took our time at about 3 hours. I’m so proud of Taylor for walking the entire way on her little 5-year-old legs. Turning downed trees into balance beams and hopping on rocks kept her happily entertained and moving forward.


This view was the reward at the end of the trail. There is nothing quite like the majesty of mountains to put life into perspective.


Early Sunday morning, the moms started out with a soak in the private hot springs at the Mountain Village Resort where we stayed.


It’s a short walk to the barn after you pick up the key and towels from the front desk. Once you settle in, you are treated to this view from the inside:


Over the two days we were there, we shared the springs with a variety of people – all friendly, in a truly Idaho way. Some were even brave enough to jump in the river for a cold respite from the hot springs. Eek.

After checking out and enjoying one more breakfast at the Stanley Baking Co. & Cafe, we checked out and headed to Redfish Lake. The lodge was already closed for the season so we only ran into a handful of people wandering around the shores of the lake.






So, as we transition into late fall in Boise, I am looking forward to – what I whole-heartedly consider to be – the best Halloween celebration in the country. And since we stayed home and hibernated ALL last winter, we’re hitting the road for some short trips and holiday adventures this year. Yay!

Goodbye, Stanley. Maybe we’ll see you for opening weekend (May 19, 2017!). I’m already dreaming about a Crag sandwich with avocado and a hot cup of coffee.

– Diane