I couldn’t believe the overwhelming response I received to My Name is Jack. I have been posting my stories on my Facebook page because I am no radio DJ and I crave feedback and interaction. This story stirred up the most comments and reactions of any of my posts!

A friend of mine suggested that the story would be perfect for Love What Matters, a website and Facebook feed (with almost 5 million followers!), that shares people’s stories of kindness, hope, and love. If you are ever feeling down in the dumps or frustrated with the state of the world, check out their stories. I PROMISE it will change your mood and renew your faith in humanity.

I sat with the website’s submission form open on my computer for days. They wanted a 250-word summary and my story was about 850. I had to hush all of the demons in my head to get it done, but I got it done. I held my breath as I clicked SUBMIT. It said they would be in contact if they needed more information.

About two weeks later, we returned from Stanley and I plopped down at the computer for the first time in days. There was an email telling me that a friend had tagged me in a comment on Facebook. I clicked on the link and it took me to the Love What Matters feed.


My Jack story was published in its entirety!

There were over 13,000 reactions to it!

1,301 people shared the story on their own Facebook pages!

And there were more than 150 comments from people all over the world telling me how my story touched them!


Most importantly, there were people looking for Jack! There’s a hashtag #letsfindJack, someone contacted me with a possible profile of a guy named Jack who works for Renewal by Andersen (unfortunately not him), and someone posted the story to the Only in Idaho Facebook page. Whoa.

I’m still riding the love high. I’ll keep you posted if he turns up!

– Diane

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