Right after I wrote my last blog post (what month was that again??), I was thinking I needed to change things up a bit. Maybe I’d start doing pilates (ooohh) or yoga (aaahh), but instead we decided to move (wha?!?!). Not much could’ve thrown me for a bigger loop.

We have had our eyes open for years, always looking for something slightly larger than what we have (~1400 sf all on one level = “shoebox”), BUT we love our neighbors (for the record, I told my real estate agent that I would give any one of them a kidney if they needed it – seriously) so I’ve never wanted to move even a block in any direction. Sooo, keeping this in mind, we go to open houses like many of our friends in the North End just to see what’s out there.

Weeell, we went to an open house in a torrential downpour just down our street in late-October…and kinda loved it. Crap. Loved it enough that I called our agent a few days later to have him look at it. He cautioned us about all of the work that needed to be done (we affectionately call it The Money Pit), but did admit that it had very nice spaces full of potential. He then mentioned a house just around the corner that was listed for the same price. He said we owed it to ourselves to see it. So that’s just where we found ourselves 24 hours later.

AND WE LOVED IT. And it didn’t need any work! Double crap.

I have a strong tendency to drag stories out, so I’ll just say: WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE!!

So over the last two months, we had an offer accepted, put our house on the market (oh the tears), sold it, had all of the back-and-forths that go along with both, and are moving in January.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But if I’m being honest, I’m also SUPER excited! We’ll have twice as much space with bedrooms UPSTAIRS. There will be space for the girls to have slumber parties, space for family to come and stay instead of airbnb-ing a place down the street, an office for Will to work comfortably from home, and space for more dogs. YES!

I have realized, when sifting through my emotions over this whole move (of 5 blocks!), that when I’m sad or feeling regretful it’s because I am looking backward and not forward. I am thinking about bringing my babies home to this house for the first time or saying goodbye to my dog for the last time. I am nostalgic about this being our first house. Then I realized that this house will always be all of those things, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay here with all of the frustrations we have at this point in our family’s life.

So, let’s happily and optimistically move forward!

I believe the relationships that we’ve built with our neighbors are strong enough to bridge the five blocks. (Some of them have told me as much.) I believe the space will afford us opportunities that this house never can. And I have faith that my emotions will calm down once we’re settled into the new house. I’ve talked a lot about comfort and home on this blog and I know how I am (thank you, growing older), so I’m not letting nerves get the better of me this time. Hallelujah!