IMG_0728I have a serious thing for Great Danes. I just love a big boy! We adopted our first Dane, Cash, in Georgia just 2 months after my dad died. Cash saved me. There’s no other way to put it. He saw me through so much grief, a move to California, a wedding, a move to Idaho, 2 pregnancies, 2 births, and 2 little babies. He was a velcro dog who never left my side and putting him down was one of the hardest things I’ve lived through so far.


After crying for 2 years, we adopted a retired champion show Dane named Blake. He was 150-lbs of gorgeous fawn Dane, but he had no idea how to live in our house with us and our girls. So 3 months later he went back to his breeder and I was heartbroken again.


In April 2015, I found Bogus at Meridian Valley Humane Society thanks to The next day we drove to Meridian, he sat on my lap as I stroked his sides, we fell in love, and brought him home. In the car my oldest said, “Mommy, it’s like a dream come true.” And she was right. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 months later. I shudder to think about what treatment would have been like without Bogus by my side.



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