I believe that Idaho is a special place. Boise is a metropolitan area with a small town feel. We are always running into people we know around town and talking openly to people we don’t yet know. The opportunities for connection seem endless. There is real beauty here.

It seems that worldwide lately we are losing our perspective on people. Who they are, what they care about, and how we may interact with them.

The greatest gift to come out of sharing my story has been others telling me their stories. It is those connections that have made my heart swell and kept me up dreaming at night. I have shared hugs and shed tears with perfect strangers and I have walked away a better person for it.

I don’t want us to lose sight of one another. I don’t want us to be reduced to just our physical attributes or our differing political views. So, let’s start talking.

Get ready to meet some GR8 people:

My Serendipitous Running Partner

Nurse Extraordinaire

Hospital Heroes

Magical Henna Artist

Sweethearts in Tutus

The Funniest Anchorman

Matt and his Mule

My Name is Jack (Love What Matters repost)